Every class session has four important sections. You should read about the details for each using the main menu at the top of this webpage.

  • Readings (): This page contains the readings for the topic. Read these first each time you visit.
  • Lesson (): This page contains interactive lessons, slides, and/or recorded walkthroughs that teaches you the principles and code you need to know. Go through these after doing the content.
  • Example (): This page contains extra items that are picked or created to help you understand the current material. You do not have anything to complete in this section. From time to time I may post videos of performing something in R that may be beneficial.
  • Assignment (): This page contains the instructions for all student related tasks including information about the Situations and Final Project. Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the day they are listed.

::: note
tl;dr: I recommend that you follow these lessons in the following order:

or in terms that aren’t as ambiguous as emojis, follow this process: read the material, complete data camp with other possible items, and then use the example(s) to help you with the assignments.

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